Lessons From the Apocalypse: Chapter 6

Thursday, November 3, 2016 - 12:00pm
  1. Between AftermathVan Helsing, and Z Nation we've learned a few things about how to handle ourselves when the world goes to crap. Whether it be the zombie apocalypse, the vampire apocalypse, or all the apocalypses, take these lessons to heart, because they could save you in a pinch.


    Aftermath Episode 6

    1. Knowledge is Power 

      Professor Douglas prioritized learning Spanish. What language will you learn when the world goes to shit? 

    2. Have Sex

      What else is there to do when the world is ending?

    3. Live Each Moment… 

      …like it could be your last. Because, well, it could be

    Van Helsing Episode 7

    1. Blood is the best accessory

      ... it's everyone's best shade.
    2. Wounds are only temporary.

      . . . particularly if you're the MC.
    3. If you have the means

      we highly recommend picking up one of these bad boys

    Z Nation Episode 7

    1.  Need Motivation?

      ... Nothing makes ‘em run quite like zombie kids
    2. Hungry?

      ... There's no substitute for brains.
    3.  Two Hands?

      ... not neccessary.