Terminator 2

In preparation for Genisys, watch Sarah Connor transform from perm-haired victim to pull-up champion of the cell block.
Tonight at 8/7c
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Watch 12 Monkeys

A dangerous mission from the post-apocalyptic future to save the world. Catch up.

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Watch Dark Matter

Six strangers, an android and one huge adventure. Watch Syfy's latest space epic.

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Geeks Who Drink Is Coming

Zachary Levi's new game show is boozy, geeky, and trivia-y. It's everything you want in a game show. Be there. July 16 at 11/10c

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Fright Fight

Bite-sized horror films battle each other - and you decide the winner. In short, scary fun. Play the game over at our sister network, Chiller.

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Psylocke Training

Olivia Munn begins her sword training for X-Men: Apocalypse. Watch it over at Blastr

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Dominion: Watch a Preview

This season, the war between angel and man has just begun. Dominion returns July 9.

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