I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

90s slasher horror reaches its peak in this bloody sequel when the gruesome murders continue on a secluded island resort
Tonight at 9/8c

Dominion: Revelations

Explore the world of Dominion with Revelations. New chapters with every episode.

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Casting Incorporated

Check out who's been cast in Syfy's futuristic espionage thriller pilot from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's Pearl Street Productions.

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Watch Dominion

The Angels are back! Season 2 has already taken flight and you can watch it right here.

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Expanse VR App

Enter the future with our immersive app based on The Expanse, coming to Syfy in December.

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Watch Defiance

Season 3 is here! Catch up on the latest full episodes

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Hamill on Joker

One of the best Batman comics ever is getting animated. Read more over at Blastr

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