Blade: Trinity

A group of vampires plot to eliminate Blade once and for all, but Blade has some help in the form of J. Beale and Ryan Reynolds. Part of our 31 Days of Halloween!
Tonight at 9/8c
Special Double Episode
Haven's final episodes begin this Thursday with two back-to-back episodes. Prepare yourself by seeing what's in store and catching up on what's happened.
Thursday 10/9c

Watch: The Magicians Trailer

Based on the popular book series, The Magicians premieres in 2016.

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Zombie strippers, Zombabies, and Plant Zombies. Season 2 is killing it.

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Z Nation: Journey for the Cure

Hit the road with the Z Nation survivors as they look for the cure to the zombie virus.

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Time travel back to Season 1 and watch it all over again.

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Season 9 has arrived! Sync it up and with behind-the-scenes photos, videos, trivia and much more.

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It's nerd trivia with a boozy twist. Everyone wins! Watch the latest episodes.

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