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Brianna Copeland

Taylor Hickson

At 17, Brianna is is the outlier in the family, an emotional, romantic, and rebellious young woman anxious to live her own way… until the shocks and tragedies of the end times put her on a new path.

About Taylor Hickson

Born and raised in Kelowna, BC, Canada, Taylor Hickson's career began at the age of 11, singing alongside her father on stages throughout the Province. As her passion for music deepened, Taylor began writing her own material and graduated high school a year early to focus on her artistic career.

Her first opportunity on screen came in the form of a role in the psychological thriller Blackway, featuring Anthony Hopkins, Ray Liotta and Julia Stiles. Taylor also had a supporting part in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Storytellers series.

Hickson then booked a role in Marvel's Deadpool in a scene opposite Ryan Reynolds, followed by a lead role in the Canadian indie Hunting Pignut, based on writer/director Martine Blue's true life story. She can also be seen in the independent thriller, Residue.

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