Expanse VR


Syfy’s The Expanse is a science fiction thriller set hundreds of years in the future, where mankind has colonized Mars and the outer asteroid belts. This app allows you to experience settings from the world of The Expanse in full 360-degree virtual reality. This app works with any Google Cardboard viewers. No Cardboard? No problem, the VR app works on any smart phone. Make sure to check out the brand new scene: an exploration of Tycho Station and the Nauvoo!

Here's just a taste of what the app has to offer:

*YouTube 360 videos work on Chrome browsers as well as the YouTube app


App Features

For the best experience, The Expanse VR works best with a Google Cardboard viewer. Google Cardboard is a simple, fun and affordable way to experience virtual reality. For more information on Cardboard Click HereCan't wait to get your hands on some Google Cardboard? Get one here!


In this first scene, explore the Canterbury from every angle. This massive freighter hauls ice from the moons of Saturn to the asteroid belt, where it supplies water for the population there. This scene shows the majestic ship in action.

In the second scene, you can travel to the outer reaches of The Belt and explore Tycho Station and the spaceship, The Nauvoo! Traverse every corner of the most advanced starship workstation in the solar system and get a glance at its more recent project: a massive generational ship.

We’ll be adding more content to the app throughout the year. Download the app now so you can make sure you get all the updates!

Expanse VR is now available for Samsung Gear. Gear is an amazing VR device that bridges the rift between expensive VR machines and more affordable ones. For more information on Gear and where you can pick up your own Click Here