It's Shark huntin' time! In celebration of Sharknado 5: Global Swarming we’ve redesigned Go Shark Yourself from tail to teeth. Pick up your chainsaw and fight sharks in the real world in our augmented reality app!

Use the app to:
• Transform your environment into a Sharknado feeding frenzy, and fight sharks in the real world
• Unlock new weapons at each level as you go up against even more dangerous sharknados and sharks
• Capture photos of yourself in action, as you defeat sharks and save the world. 

Dont' be bashful about your propensity for eviscerating the Sharknado threat looming in your backyard. Share your Nado' destroying expoits all over social media with our share functionality, and prepare for the premiere of Sharknado 5: Global Swarming on August 6.

Obviously you need some Sharknado in your life and there's no better way to transform your reality into Sharkmented Reality. So get the app. Just do it.

Sharknado: ShARkmented Reality Features

Select your weapon and prepare for a Sharknado infestation.

Enter the heart of a Nado attack and fight back by tapping the sharks on your phone to destroy them.

Slash through sharks. Level up your weapon and then share your exploits it with the world (or, really, with social media).