You can now catch up on the geeky goodness of the day, no web browser required. SYFY WIRE is now available on Amazon's Alexa — all you have to do is ask.
The SYFY WIRE skill comes complete with interviews and audio versions of the mini-documentaries we do (fancy word for the videos that are quasi-long, at least for the internet). Not to mention our weekly podcast, Who Won the Week. Our daily flash briefing will bring you the latest geek news from the worlds of movies, TV, comics, science and pretty much anything that relates to it.
This all can be accessed on Amazon's Alexa devices, including the Echo, Echo Dot and third-party hardware that features Alexa. We even built in some Easter eggs, so feel free to ask a few of your favorite geeky questions — the answers might surprise you.
To add the SYFY WIRE skill, open your Alexa settings to the Skills page, search forSYFY WIRE, and add the skill. To access, all you have to do is say: "Alexa, start SYFY WIRE," "Alexa, ask SYFY WIRE for latest news," "Alexa, ask SYFY WIRE for recent interviews," etc.
Then, just kick back and listen to Alexa's dulcet tones talk about things like Wonder Woman, Doctor Who and asteroids. 

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SYFY WIRE for Amazon Alexa Features

Feature: News Briefing

Alexa can tap into SYFY WIRE's extensive knowledge of current news and genre scuttlebutt, and keep you up to date with everything that's going on in the world. Need that update in record time? SYFY WIRE also has a News Briefing that will catch you up quick.


Skill: Podcast

Alexa is ready to share the lastest Who Won The Week Podcast, a weekly podcast in which Blastr staffers Adam Swiderski, Aaron Sagers and Dany Roth look back at the week that was and the stories that are blowing up the geek-o-sphere.

Skill: Best Of

Alexa provides you with a list of “best” audio content to choose from SYFY WIRE. Want to know the History of Wonder Woman, or get a SYFY WIRE, Blast to the Past? We've got you covered. You'll also get in-depth on the ground coverage with our most recent interviews.