Lee Adama

Lee Adama "Apollo"

Jamie Bamber

In a morally ambiguous world, Lee aspires to do the right thing, often at any cost. A former Viper pilot (callsign "Apollo") and the son of Admiral Adama, Lee possesses thoughtful rationality and a strong code of ethics. Regardless, he nearly destroyed his marriage to Anastasia Dualla by having a torrid but troubled affair with Kara Thrace. After Kara's death, he felt inspired to follow in his lawyer-grandfather's footsteps by joining the defense team at Gaius Baltar's trial. Fallout from this momentous decision led to his resignation from the military, a pointed conflict with both his father and President Roslin, and Dualla's decision to leave him. Now a civilian and separated from his wife, Lee faces hard choices about his future role in the fleet.

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