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Six of One
Season 4 - Episode 404
Six of One

Kara Thrace holds President Laura Roslin at gunpoint, risking everything to persuade Roslin to believe in her mystical awareness of the route to Earth. However, when Kara hands Roslin the gun and dares the president to shoot if she really believes that Kara's a Cylon, Roslin pulls the trigger. The bullet barely misses. Marines rush in and drag Kara to the brig, leaving Roslin shaken but resolute and Admiral Adama furious and disgusted with his onetime best pilot.

Though they doubt that Kara is one of them, the four secret Cylons are troubled by this incident and agree that they must learn more about their situation. They speculate that Gaius Baltar might know more Cylon secrets than he's telling, so Tory Foster reluctantly agrees to try to win the new cult leader's trust.

At first, Baltar assumes that Tory is spying on him for Roslin, but as they talk, he is startled by a vision not of his usual invisible companion Six-- but of himself. This mental Baltar encourages his physical self to hear Foster out. Astonished, Baltar complies. Soon, Baltar and Foster are in bed together.

Meanwhile, controversy brews in the distant Cylon fleet. In the recent battle against the humans, the Raiders refused to fight-- an unprecedented display of free will that exceeded their original programming. The Sixes, Sharons and Leobens want to celebrate and explore this evolutionary advancement. The other models, led by a Cavil, insist that the Raiders are merely malfunctioning and need to be fixed-- that is, lobotomized to ensure mindless obedience.

With the six extant models evenly split about what to do, the Sharon known as Boomer breaks with the other Sharons and sides with Cavil, ending the deadlock and condemning the Raiders to lobotomies. One of the Sixes, a leader named Natalie, retaliates by removing the Centurions' telencephalic inhibitors, enabling them to think for themselves. The metallic warriors take Natalie's side, gunning down Cavil and his supporters. Cylon has turned against Cylon.

Back in the human fleet, Lee Adama leaves the Galactica for his new government career. His comrades see him off with both alcohol-soaked partying and solemn military pomp. Lee also steals a moment to visit Kara in her cell, where he tells her that he believes in her. They kiss, bidding each other a deeply affectionate farewell.

Later, moved by Lee's departure, Admiral Adama's disgust with Kara gives way to a deep longing to believe in her. He has an ugly argument about it with Roslin, who, struggling to stay strong against the despair caused by her cancer, refuses to entrust the fate of humanity to a violent, self-proclaimed visionary. If Adama wants to put his faith in Kara Thrace, he'll have to defy Roslin to do it.

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