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The Plan
Season 4 - Episode 423
The Plan

As the first Cylon model created by the Final Five, the Cavils (Dean Stockwell) have always been jealous of their love and attention.  They deal with this by eliminating their rivals.  When Cavil sees all of humanity as rivals for his parents' love, mankind is in his crosshairs.

The Cylons' sneak attack on the colonies devastates the human race.  But it is not a death blow.  Cavil is determined to finish the job.

Two of the Cavil models end up taking different approaches to the task.  One makes his way to Galactica's fleet, working covertly to direct the actions of the Cylons living and working, undetected, among the humans.  But many of these Cylons, including Boomer (Grace Park), the Six called Shelly Godfrey (Tricia Helfer), and Leoben (Callum Keith Rennie) have formed ties, even loving bonds, with humans.  This Cavil's frustration mounts as his efforts to destroy the fleet fail and as the humans get closer to touching his own hardened heart.

The other Cavil goes to Caprica, where he insinuates himself into the rebel group led by his "father" Sam Anders (Michael Trucco).  There, a Cavil learns a lesson about the durability of love that changes everything.

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