And Now ... Bitten Banter!

Monday, April 20, 2015 - 17:09

Did you know? Werewolves are funny.

And we've got proof. Bitten Banter is a weekly video series in which the cast members of Bitten sit on a couch and … well, banter, whether it's quizzing each other on their own Bitten knowledge, interviewing each other with questions that range from insightful and relevant to completely goofy and random or just delivering commentary as they pass around various stuffed animals.

It's a lot of fun. And there's plenty of room for you on the couch, too.

  1. As the Bitten Season 2 premiere was a two-parter, we've already got two installments of Bitten Banter live and raring. The first features Laura Vandervoort (Elena Michaels) testing the Season 1 knowledge of her co-stars, Greg Bryk (Jeremy Danvers) and Greyston Holt (Clay Danvers). Which Danvers Man is the smarter when it comes to Bitten trivia? Watch below.

  2. The second installment brings the father-son tension as Greg Bryk is interviewed by his on-screen dad, James McGowan (Malcolm Danvers). Watch as Greg describes the "23 years worth of rage" that is Jeremy's journal and stresses the importance of "strength … AND love."

There will be more Bitten Banter. Stay tuned!