Bitten: Season Two Primer

Monday, April 13, 2015 - 10:10

Welcome back to the world of Bitten, the story of a werewolf and the werewolf who loves her. Below is a top level primer that will get you set for Season Two. 

Here's the aforementioned werewolf. You know Elena. So beautiful, so passionate!

And here's the werewolf who loves her. You know Clay. So sullen, so fiery!

When we last saw Elena, she had finally come to terms with her animal side and was settling in as a full-fledged and committed member of the Pack. Unfortunately, one day she came home to find this in her bed.

That's Philip (or what's left of him), Elena's attempt at a boyfriend when she was trying to live a "normal life." Sorry, Philip.

The man responsible for Philip's gruesome demise is Malcolm Danvers, the estranged father of Pack alpha Jeremy Danvers. When last we saw Malcolm, he was fleeing the scene with Pack member Logan's human (and pregnant) girlfriend, Rachel, as his hostage. Also, on a side note, werewolves must not age because dude looks good for a guy that has a kid in his 40s. 

Anyway, a lot happened in the first season to get to that point — you can catch up on all the details with our Season One 101.

(There's also our nifty Season One Recap, ya know.)

And so we're about to go into Season Two. Expect plenty more werewolf action, werewolf romance and werewolf mega-meals (have you seen how many pancakes these guys eat in one sitting?).

Oh, and there are witches now, too. Here's the boss lady, Ruth Winterbourne.

And her associate (and daughter), Paige. She's got sass.

There's also this young lady, Savannah. She's … unique. We'll leave it at that for now.

Yes, Season Two ups the ante with a woman's touch … and plenty of double, double, toil and trouble. Check it out.

With the witches comes a darker tone to the world of Bitten. Season Two is much more "horror movie" than Season One, a dangerous and deadly journey into unmarked territory. The stakes are higher. The blood is bloodier. The sex is hotter.

But hey, don't take it from us. Hear about how Season Two differs from Season One from Bitten's cast and creators.

Get a little closer to the season's characters, too. Werewolves like to cuddle. Witches ... not so much.

Bitten: The Season 2 Characters
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And dig this bit of freaky deaky!

Bitten: The Gentling
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Oh, one final thing. Watch out for this guy: Aleister Vi. You might not want to mess with him.

Sink your teeth into Bitten Season Two starting April 17 at 8/7c.