Laura Vandervoort v Supergirl: Dawn of Justice

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 - 07:00

Laura Vandervoort: From Supergirl to Supergirl.

The Bitten beauty will trade her usual heroic persona for something a little more diabolical in her upcoming guest-star turn on the CBS series, per Entertainment Weekly.

Laura will play Indigo, a cyborg superheroine who's later revealed to be a supervillain with rather close ties to classic Superman enemy Brainiac. She made her first appearance in Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #1 (July 2003) and possesses the powers of flight, energy blasts, force fields, an analytical computer brain, enhanced strength and durability and self-repair/healing (hey, werewolves can do some of that, too!).

She's also usually green ... so, that should be interesting.

As a former Supergirl herself on Smallville, Laura makes for the latest bit of meta-casting on the show as fellow former Supergirl Helen Slater also played a part earlier this season.

Laura will reprise her role as Elena Michaels on the third season of Bitten, which premieres on Syfy on February 15 at 11/10c.