Transformation Tuesday Episode 13

Apr 25 - 5:38pm

One last #TransformationTuesday for season 2!

Well, there goes the magic. The Magicians Season 2, Episode 13 in 5 Words

Apr 20 - 7:46pm

Click here to save all of magic-kind! The Magicians tweets 5 word recaps. Tweet at us and you could see your tweet online.

Lego Sets in Space! The Science of The Expanse, Episode 13

Apr 20 - 6:46pm

See how the protomolecule takes apart a whole ship.  This week's Science of The Expanse delves into the lego sets of space.

Killjoys' Hannah John-Kamen Joins Tomb Raider Reboot

Apr 20 - 5:40pm

This basically proves that butt-kicking is a transferable skill.

Behold! We Present to You Blood Drive Teasers

Apr 20 - 3:46pm

It's a cross-country race where the cars run on human blood. You lose a leg and you lose your head. Got it? Good! Get a preview of what's to come

The Actors behind Holden, Naomi and Alex Join The Expanse Podcast Ep. 12: Listen Now

Apr 20 - 2:29pm

The cast talks karate moves, pop star dreams and that awesome Season 2 finale.

Watch Syfy on Xfinity X1

Apr 19 - 5:20pm

X1 will change the way you experience TV and we're totally into it.

Transformation Tuesday Episode 12

Apr 18 - 6:14pm

Fairies moving in, Niffin Alice moving out. Check out all the moves in this week's #TransformationTuesday