Simon Barry Talks Continuum, Time Travel and What's Next

Monday, October 19, 2015 - 10:31

Continuum creator, Simon Barry, did an exclusive interview with on the show's final six episodes, where he recalled how fun it was to write a super smart time travel series and teased his idea for a graphic novel about Kellog's new life in the wild.

The highlights:

On the "rules" the writers had to follow in regards to time jumps:

It became obvious once we dispensed with paradoxical time-travel that anything was possible with multiple time-lines. The only way to not get lost in this was to limit the number of time travel events in the show. This way you couldn't just hit reset with your characters to fix things. And even if you thought you could, as Alec did at the end of season 2, there had to be unforeseen consequences to these choices that made you wish you hadn't.

Any chance that the characters may show up again in a TV movie, comic or other medium?

Yes, I would love to explore what happens to these characters after Continuum in other mediums. It's too early to say how that may happen, or what medium it might happen in, but the ability to build on the Continuum universe and mythology is not something that has to happen necessarily in TV or Film form, but it might. I would also love to see the fans speculate on the possibilities for these characters and the larger universe of Continuum, be that simply forum debate or fan fiction.

Simon Barry's take on Kellog's future and The Traveler:

Personally I would love to write about Kellog in his new ‘situation’ - That would be a fun book or graphic novel to write. I would also like to explore the story of The Traveler and the larger time travel mythology myself and the other writers came up with but were unable to execute this season.

We're keeping our fingers crossed for that graphic novel, Simon! But in the meantime, we'll be content with hanging on Simon's every word in his full interview over at