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Transformation Tuesday Episode 3

Feb 14 - 11:29 am

#TransformationTuesday is back again with quite the dramatic episode. Look at how our favorite magicians have changed!

Special Offer: Get the Face Off Makeup

Feb 13 - 11:56 am

Get a discount on the makeup supplies you see on the show.

Marlee Matlin Casts Her Spell on The Magicians

Feb 10 - 3:48 pm

Guys. This is kind of a big deal. And it's happening on Weds. March 29.

Wes Chatham Joins The Expanse Podcast Ep. 2: Listen Now

Feb 10 - 12:55 pm

In which we discuss Avasarala's agenda, Wes Chatham going to an opening at Ralph's and more. 

Getting Drunk and Destroying a Moon: The Science of The Expanse, Episode 3

Feb 9 - 5:21 pm

We explore how real the science in the science fiction is. 

Good News: Channel Zero Gets Season 3 AND 4

Feb 9 - 5:02 pm

 Get more insight on the big news after the jump!


NEW! 3D Models of The Magicians and The Expanse

Feb 9 - 11:33 am

Outfit your desk with items like The White Lady and The Canterbury.

Dominique Tipper Joins The Expanse Podcast Ep 1: Listen Now

Feb 8 - 1:01 pm

In which we discuss episodes one AND two with Dominique Tipper and the show's creators/book series authors.