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What Type of Cosplayer Are You?

Mar 21 - 6:13 pm

Take this nifty personality quiz to find out.

Transformation Tuesday Episode 8

Mar 21 - 1:05 pm

It's time to take a glance into the past with this week's #TransformationTuesday! 

Cara Gee Joins The Expanse Podcast Ep. 7: Listen Now

Mar 18 - 7:03 pm

The woman behind Drummer discusses where she got that accent, how she was a fan beforehand and making out with Tahmoh Penikett.

VFX Deep Dive in The Expanse Podcast Ep 6: Listen Now

Mar 18 - 6:58 pm

We're talking to VFX supervisor Bob Munroe. Also, about that battle on Ganymede....

Well Girl . . . You Nailed it. The Magicians Season 2, Episode 8 in 5 Words

Mar 16 - 8:38 pm

Click here to see The Magicians go completely shadeless/arsonist

This Is Not A Drill. The Expanse Is Renewed for Season 3

Mar 16 - 4:42 pm

The Expanse has been renewed for Season 3. Say that to yourself and let the sci-fi space opera warmth flood your being.

Missy Peregrym Joins Season 2 of Van Helsing

Mar 16 - 12:16 pm

Get details on her character and more!

12 Monkeys Returns May 19 AND Gets A Season 4

Mar 15 - 5:18 pm

The wait is over. Plus, we've got exciting news about Season 4!