Olympus: 7 Famous Rings in Pop Culture History

Apr 15 - 11:14am

All of this searching for the Ring of the Magi in Olympus has got us to thinking about other famous shiny objects in pop culture. 

Face Off: Our Top Looks: Season 8, Episode 14

Apr 14 - 3:38pm

This season's finale had the finalists (assisted by all the previously eliminated artists) creating four (FOUR!) characters that could star in their own genre-specific movie franchise: Sci-Fi (Logan), Fantasy (Darla) and Post-Apocalyptic (Emily).

The Faces of Face Off: Season 8, Episode 14

Apr 14 - 3:03pm

Let's do one last The Faces of Face Off for the road, shall we? (At least until Season 9.)

The Faces of Face Off: Season 8, Episode 13

Apr 14 - 2:45am

Git on lil' doggies as we merge the world of the Wild Wild West with the art of Steampunk, a strange brew that inspires some of the most amusing facial expressions on this season of Face Off.

Dark Matter Trailer Blasts Off Into the Unknown

Apr 13 - 3:30pm

So what if you suddenly woke up in the middle of freakin' outer space with no memory of how you got there ... or who you are at all?

Continuum Season 4: New Cast Members Added!

Apr 13 - 12:19pm

Kyra Zagorsky plus three more join the cast of Continuum- returning in 2015.

From Helix to Continuum: Kyra Zagorsky Stays With Syfy

Apr 13 - 11:22am

Helix may have just ended its second season, but at least one of its cast members won't be leaving the realm of Syfy anytime soon.

Bitten: Season Two Primer

Apr 13 - 10:10am

Find out a thing or three about the new season of Bitten.