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May 17 - 6:45am

Space is the next frontier for Oscar-nominated actor, David Strathairn.

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Krypton Episodes 7-9 are filled with some SUPER moments. It was a grueling process, but we've managed, once again, to narrow them down to 12. 

10 Random Things We Thought About The Expanse Season 3 Episode 6

May 14 - 5:37pm

The Expanse is a show about intergalactic war and politics. However, like any good show, there are lots of moments that we, non-space travelers, can really connect to!

Syfy Summer Preview 2018: Wynonna Earp, 12 Monkeys, and a whole lot of sharks

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What do demons, time travelers, sharks, and bounty hunters have in common? They're all on SYFY this summer!

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10 Things to Know About Krypton's Wallis Day

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She's adventurous, carefree and seems to have very little in common with Nyssa-Vex... Including her hair color. 

Descendants of Krypton: Create Your Own Krypton Hero

May 4 - 11:00am

Be a part of the universe by creating an avatar that looks just like (or nothing like - we don’t judge) you.