Season 1 - Episode 118

Daniel and Amanda hire their own investigators to secure their damaged home, but GDD Director Gara Singh - the leak inside the department and a key element in the planned attack on Atlas Arena - arrives to detain the Graystones, claiming that they were the ones who ordered Zoe to blow up the MagLev train. Cyrus, however, sees what's going on: he knows that if Singh takes the Graystones, they will never be heard from again - and hundreds of innocent people will perish. He draws a gun from his jacket and, aiming at Singh's head, orders him to make his men stand down. He tells Daniel and Amanda to stop whatever plot Clarice has created, and the Graystones flee to their transport. On their way to Orpheus Park, where Clarice's holoband was last seen, they see that Caprica has been plastered with notices of their supposed guilt as terrorists. They find the holoband, and Daniel discovers the program that shows Clarice's plan to explode the arena, and the subsequent heaven that awaits believers in The One.

In the Adama neighborhood, local Ha'latha families have banded around Joseph to show opposition to the Guattrau's murder of Willie. While Joseph holds his mourning time, the Guattrau's daughter, Fidelia arrives in hopes of preventing a much larger war. Joseph demands audience with the Guattrau, and Fidelia arranges for a virtual meeting between the two men. As they negotiate via avatars, the Guattrau suddenly seizes up. Joseph removes his band and walks slowly to a different room, where the Guattrau is being suffocated. The job done, Joseph removes the ring from the Guattrau's hand and places it on Fidelia's - she has killed her father to restore justice, and to ensure that the family line will continue.

The Graystones find a doctor from their business and strong arm him into bringing them the program that controls the Cylons. They bring it to the control room in the arena, where they are able to coordinate the arrival of a troop of Cylons who sniff out the explosives and pick off the terrorists one by one. They manage to stave off security until the final terrorist - Olaf - is found. Olaf detonates the bomb, but all innocent people are safe.

Zoe, from her virtual hideaway, has discovered that Clarice is up to something, and confronts her in her virtual heaven. She orders Clarice to stop, but when the woman won't listen, Zoe gets apocalyptic and turns heaven into hell with the flick of her hand. Clarice is converted: she will go on to become a leader of the Cylons, preaching salvation for any toaster who believes. But first, she must gain the approval of the Great Mother on Gemenon: Lacey Rand.

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