There Is Another Sky
Season 1 - Episode 105
There Is Another Sky

The avatar of Tamara Adama wanders V-World, scared, lost, and unaware that she died nearly a month ago in the MAGLEV bombing.  Falling in with a group of gamers, Tamara discovers a new side to V-World - New Cap City, a place where people live random lives of violence and crime in search of the game's elusive meaning.  Forced into aiding a digital crime spree, Tamara befriends a young gamer, until she discovers a devastating secret that threatens everything she knows.   

Joseph, realizing he hasn't been emotionally present for Willie's grief, tries an impromptu fishing trip to bond with his son.  The trip reveals new layers of torment for Willie and leading Joseph to the conclusion that, for both their sakes, he may need his Tauron roots than he realized. 

Daniel, after his public promise to forgo future holoband profits, finds himself fighting for his professional life.

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