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Collectible Advice from Elyse Luray

Elyse Luray on Star Wars

True confession, Star Wars a New Hope is my all time favorite movie. So I was really excited to see Consetta and Garet's collection. I was amazed by how massive it was! They did needed help. Clearly Consetta had a very strong emotional attachment to the characters that stemmed from her childhood. I had to really tread lightly. 

As for the collection, it is impressive and massive. My only concern is that there were not many vintage pieces and there are a lot of new toys, out of their boxes. I would have liked to see more toys, mint in box from the 70s. Consetta needs to spend more time and money looking for rare pieces not the newest Empire Strikes Back sheets from Target.

The turning point for Consetta was realizing that "giving" your toys to a person who appreciates and loves Star Wars as much as she does, is a great feeling. As soon as she learned to "share the wealth" Consetta became great at letting go...well maybe...

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