Collection InterventionCollectible Advice from Elyse Luray

Collectible Advice from Elyse Luray

Elyse Luray on Catwoman

Mark is a great character collector. He chooses one character, Catwoman for instance, and really kept this collection focused. I love when collectors can do this. But just like with Consetta, I would have liked to see more rare and one of a kind pieces. You need to be careful when you buy something that is a limited edition, as some of Mark's pieces were from very big runs. They are much harder to sell.

I was really upset that Lolly had convinced Mark to move the collection into the garage. Really?  First of all, you should be living and enjoying your collection.  What's the point, if you do not? A garage is the worst place to store a collection due to the elements and this garage was a mess!  I was really surprised and of course we found more then just Catwoman collectibles. There were comics, great Bionic Women and Man toys and Meco toys. All stuffed in boxes or thrown on dirty shelves in the garage. I knew Mark knows better then this!

Lolly wanted to use the garage for storage and a studio. Mark needed to sell some things to help with bills but was very emotionally attached to Catwoman. I wondered, "Can make this work?" and luckily, we did!

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