Collection InterventionCollectible Advice from Elyse Luray

Collectible Advice from Elyse Luray

Elyse Luray on GI Joe & Hot Wheels

I have to say I was surprised when I went to their home as it VERY overwhelming. Unlike Consetta, Jack has not really taken care of the items he collects. However, he is extremely knowledgeable, has a great eye and collects great vintage pieces.  Jack's collection is all over the house, and I understood Deb's frustration. She is a very supportive wife who just wants her dining room table back.

I had to move all of his collection out of the house, as it was hard to see what he had. Jack has an amazing collection of Hot Wheels and vintage GI Joe action figures. But he also had too many limited edition and contemporary toys that he did not need.

My advice to him, and anyone who collects; when you literally have no room to live in your home anymore, see what does not fit into your collection. By "fit" I mean look to see if it completes the focus, stays in the same genre and makes sense in your collection. Jack also had an abundance of contemporary toys that he did not need and did not make sense. These toys are not going up in value and taking up room. Space is such an issue that Jack does not know where some of his best pieces are. When that happens, it's time to get organized!

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Collection Intervention
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