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Where Are They Now?

Catching Up with Mark

Have you given away or sold any more of your collection since appearing on the show?
Yes, I sold the vast majority of my collection (comics, toys, Hollywood collectibles, everything!) to an Appraiser/Dealer for a mere fraction of what it was worth. And some stuff I gave away:  Anything Wonder Woman or Batgirl I gave to my Project Angel Food co-worker, Holly. I gave a lot of things to my nieces and nephew because the items were worth more as a present than what I was being offered for them.  And, surprisingly, my nieces and nephews liked what I gave them.  I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm really glad my nieces like Catwoman and superhero women now!

A couple of items were difficult. I'm not sure I'll get over the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman bust. I wish I had kept some of the 70's superhero action figures, but just the ones in perfect condition, like The Incredible Hulk and Nubia. I also wish I had kept a few prize things (that were worth a lot but didn't mean much to me) to sell on Ebay just to get a better price for myself.

Have you purchased any more Catwoman memorabilia since appearing on the show?
A little bit, but not much. I still get the comic book and any other comics she appears in.  At Comic-Con this year I got a couple small things and a few 8x10 prints of Anne Hathaway that my friend is going to get autographed for me, to complete my series of autographed photos of actresses as Catwoman.

What's your most prized possession in your current collection? Would you part with it for say...a million dollars?
Honestly, there is nothing in my collection I wouldn't part with for a million dollars!  That would be crazy. In fact, I could let go of anything for the right price...But it would have to be a really high price for some of my old Batman comics. I don't really have a "prized" possession anymore. Most of the best stuff was poached, other than the comics.  Maybe the cell sketch from BATMAN: The Animated Series and my autographed photos.

Since appearing on the show, have your feelings or interests in collecting changed?
Yes, majorly! I've scaled down a lot and now I'm trying to focus on proper storage and organization. If and when I start collecting back any of the items I sold, I'll only buy in the best condition possible and only when I have the money... which I don't have right now. 

Will you ever stop collecting?
Probably not, but I'll do it a lot less.

Is there any item out there, you don't own, that you'd just love to get your hands on?
Yeah, of course I'd love to have the comics Batman #1 - #3, and I'd love all my 70s superhero and Bionic action figures back in mint condition and a Mego Catwoman in mint condition.

Do you now set boundaries on how much or how often you're allowed to collect items?
Yes. Now I ask myself before every purchase: Why do I want it? Is it going to end up in a box in the garage?  Will I use it or display it?  Can I afford it?  Will it appreciate?

How did Elyse's visit help you as a collector?
She really helped me learn how to properly collect and maintain my collection.  I learned a lot.

Has Lolly purchased you any Catwoman swag recently? Has she been more supportive of your Catwoman interests?
No, she hasn't bought me anything and I'm pretty sure she never will.  She understands a little better, I think, but supportive would be pushing it.

Aside from Catwoman do you have any other collection interests?
Yes, I'm still a huge fan of the Marvel superhero team Alpha Flight (an X-Men spin off), but they don't have much swag to collect anyway. I'll never stop loving The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, and Wonder Woman TV show memorabilia, but that's all on hold for now, other than the new Kevin Smith Bionic Man and Bionic Woman comics based on his unproduced feature film script.

How has your life changed since appearing on the show?
I feel a lot less cluttered, more organized, and a little more in control of my spending...A little!

If you had it to do over, would you still be willing to be featured on Collection Intervention?
Yes, but knowing what I know now from having done the show, I'd be much more selective about what I sold in a mass lump sum and what I kept to sell individually on EBay.

As a Catwoman aficionado, how do you think Anne Hathaway's current Catwoman portrayal in Dark Night Rises stacks up against the rest?
Brilliant!  She is really fantastic in the film.  She had the advantage of great writing and directing. Her Catwoman was very much based on the original beginning of Selina Kyle as a cat burglar who was out for herself, but generally targeted not great people.

Which actress is your favorite Catwoman of all time?
It's now a toss up between Anne Hathaway and Michelle Pfeiffer because they had the best material to work with.  It's hard to choose because they both are in very different heightened realities; I love Tim Burton's world, but Christopher Nolan's seems more real, in a sense. Eartha Kitt was the best actress from the 60s TV series, but Julie Newmar really worked the costume. I can't choose a favorite because I'm open to different interpretations, but the worst ever was the Halle Berry movie.  What a waste of what could've been great. They should make one now with Anne Hathaway, but only if it's a good script.

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