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Where Are They Now?

Catching Up with Steve

Since the show, would you say that Dahveed's collecting habits have changed for the better or for the worse?
Yes, I really think his collecting habits have changed for the best. He seems to be more focused on our animated series then heading down to the toy district in downtown Los Angeles to buy more toys. Usually I have to stay on him about animating but after the show I haven't which I think is a great positive sign.  

Would you say that Dahveed's been more successful at separating his toy business from his pleasure of collecting or does he occasionally still blur the lines ever now and again?
I think before the show, there was a huge blur between collecting and selling for Dahveed. Afterwards, now he sees a definite line between the two.

Did you feel guilty about calling Elyse?
At first I did, Dahveed was very defensive about me calling Elyse. I was really afraid of losing our friendship. I was scared that all our hard work we put together on the animation was gonna fall apart about over toys. Not over a girl or money, but TOYS! 

How did Elyse's visit help you? Do you think it was helpful for Dahveed?
Elyse's visit was extremely helpfully. Dahveed has a better understanding between collecting and selling. Our friendship and business is saved thanks to Elyse's help.

If Dahveed's collecting habits ever got out of control again, would you call Elyse back?
I really believe Dahveed has turned a corner…but if it did get out of control again, I would love to call Elyse back.

Do you think Dahveed will ever stop collecting?
No, nor do I think he should stop collecting. He just needed to learn what to collect and what to sell, which he did on the show.

Do you have any collection addictions of your own?
I'm a huge Baltimore Ravens fan and I collect all the player figures. Also collect Marvel's Superhero Squad figures, I have a ton of them. Even make my own toy comic books with them where they wrestle each other in the ring. Its pretty funny stuff.

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