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Where Are They Now?

Catching Up With Joe

Have you given away or sold any more of your collection since appearing on the show?
No, I haven't sold any more books since the show taped. 

Have you purchased any more comic books since appearing on the show?
I have absolutely continued to purchase comics. I've looked into changing over to digital for some books but no, my purchasing habits have not changed.

What's your most prized possession in your current collection? Would you ever part with it…even if someone offered you a million dollars?
I love my whole Legion collection. That's my favorite group of characters. Having said that, I would sell those books before you finished saying "million". I'm a collector, I'm not stupid.

Since appearing on the show, have your feelings or interests in collecting changed? If yes, how so?
My feelings toward collecting have not changed much, nor do I believe they should. Collections are a personal thing, not something that would change due to an outsider shining a light on it. Hoarders get shamed into changing habits, not collectors.

Will you ever stop collecting?
No, I don't see me stopping collecting.

Is there any item out there, you don't own, that you'd just love to get your hands on?
I never did sell those books for that Incredible Hulk 181 So that is still top of my want list.

Do you now set boundaries on how much or how often you're allowed to collect items?
I've ALWAYS set boundaries on my collecting and nothing has changed there.

How did Elyse's visit help you as a collector?
With all due respect, Elyse's visit did not help my collecting perspective.

Aside from comic books do you have any other collection interests?
When you collect comics, it's easy to slide into collecting some original art, figures, statues, etc. I'm no different in that regard. 

How has your life changed since appearing on the show?
My life has not changed at all since taping.

Does Rebekah ever buy you a comic book or two (or three) here and there?
No, Rebekah doesn't buy me books because I have so many, she's never sure what to buy.

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