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No More Arigato, Mr. Roboto
Season 1 - Episode 105
No More Arigato, Mr. Roboto
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Elyse is lending her curating talents to Scott, a robot collector who has said that "death by robot" would be fine by him. When Elyse sees his garage, she thinks that's entirely too likely, as it's packed almost solid with boxes full of toys. Scott considers his collection to be his retirement fund, and Elyse uses that argument to get it organized so that it can eventually be inventoried.

But it won't be easy – Scott is resistant to change, and hesitant to let Elyse start this daunting process. Elyse brings in a therapist, who helps Scott realize that organizing and cataloguing his collection – in effect, taking some financial responsibility for his collection – is absolutely in his best interest.

And as an added persuasion, she has Scott bring a few of his toys in to an appraiser, who tells him that his collection is worth far less than Scott originally estimated. Scott is truly serious about using his collection as an investment, so he and Elyse begin the hours-long process of inventorying thousands of robot toys. Ultimately, Scott has a much better sense of what his collection can do, and is better prepared to take care of it, and have it take care of him.

Partners Mike and Carol may have a tougher time, as they don't see eye to eye on the care or value of Mike's Battlestar Galactica collection. Elyse thinks it's tragic that Mike has so much of his collection in piles in the garage, but once Mike and Carol both agree to trust Elyse, they can both make progress.

And they're both going to have to give a lot to the compromise. For Mike, the tipping point is when Elyse calls one of his heroes, Richard Hatch, to come geek out over the collection. Richard played Captain Apollo on the original series and is amazed at some of the pieces Mike has. He uses this opportunity to convince Mike to take better care of his collection.

Meanwhile, Elyse is talking to Carol about some of the pieces Mike definitely wants to keep. Elyse feels strongly that Mike should not only keep them, but display them. Though Carol's initial reaction is unyielding, she soon sees a solution that could make Mike very happy.

Elyse plans a surprise party for Mike in the comic book store that he co-owns, and what he sees blows him out of the water. Elyse and Carol have arranged Mike's prized pieces with great love and care in a back room in the store. Mike christens it the Galactica Museum. He's thrilled that Carol took so much care and respects his passion, and Carol is happy to support her husband and have a sense of order in their home.

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