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A Disturbance in the Force
Season 1 - Episode 101
A Disturbance in the Force
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Collectibles expert Elyse Luray is here to help people whose collections are teetering on the edge of obsession, get a hold of their habits and transform them into something satisfying. One such collector in need is Consetta, whose husband, Garet, contacted Elyse when their Star Wars collection started infringing on their lives.

Star Wars means everything to Consetta – her collectibles were often her only companions in a tiny, rural town growing up, and her love of the films led her to Garet. To her, the figurines, statues, and memorabilia aren't just toys, they're friends, and one of her greatest sources of happiness. This is why, when Elyse calls her friend and fellow collector, Brian, to check out the collection, Consetta can't conceive of parting with even one "friend". Elyse tells her, one-on-one, that all the happiness she feels at the sight of these objects will be felt by whomever owns them next. That argument lands with Consetta, and she haltingly places one Ewok figure into Brian's hands, unable to take any payment for the little guy. It's a huge step, but they're going to have to do much more if Consetta and Garet expect to have any room in their house.

Elyse's other project is the Catwoman collection of a man named Mark, whose wife, Lolly, is frustrated by how much money and space the collection is taking up. The two are in debt, and Mark will buy Catwoman memorabilia before paying the mortgage. Though Mark has amassed some impressive items, his attempts to hide his collection led to him packing them, willy nilly, in the garage, where many pieces broke or were damaged. Mark is incredibly anxious about his collection, so Elyse starts small: they take some of his non-Catwoman items to a collector who offers him $1,000 for a couple dozen items. Mark bargains up a bit to $1,100, and lets it all go.

From there, Elyse feels comfortable setting up a general sale at a nearby comic book shop. With all of his pieces laid out around them, Mark realizes the lack of focus of his collection, and Elyse frequently has to remind him that no one was enjoying them while they were deteriorating in the garage. When Lolly sells one of his favorite pieces, Mark freaks out, but realizing this is what he needs to do for his family, he presses forward and the couple earns nearly $4,000, moving them well on their way to getting out of debt.

Consetta is also stepping forward in a big way by allowing an auction of her stuff to be held at the Star Wars museum, Rancho Obi-Wan. But if this is going to proceed, Consetta needs to know that her friends are going to people who will love them as much as she does. She gets Elyse to step up to the podium and describe each item as it comes up, so that people really know about the pieces. At the end of the day, all of that Star Wars love is flowing through the building. Consetta has learned how to let go.

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