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Two Houses Divided
Season 1 - Episode 102
Two Houses Divided
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Elyse is meeting with a Barbie fanatic named Beverly, whose sons want their mom to reign in her collecting so that they can have their closets back! Beverly is in denial that she might be obsessed, but when Elyse appeals to her, mother to mother, Beverly agrees to let an accessories collector look at some of the Barbie clothes she's amassed.

Unfortunately, there's no sale, since the one thing the collector wanted was a set for a Number One Barbie, a doll that Beverly covets and is holding out for. Elyse is disappointed that Beverly wasn't able to let anything go, but after Bev has a talk with her husband, Michael, they make a plan to thin out the collection in hopes of maybe getting one really nice piece.

Beverly, Michael, and their two sons set up a booth at a local collectibles market, and when Bev sees the looks on the faces of the little girls buying the contemporary dolls, and hears the stories from the women buying the vintage pieces, she feels better and better about moving forward with her collection. And to show their support and love, Beverly's family reward her with a Number One Barbie. She's overjoyed, and her heart clears enough that she can let even more of her beloved items go.

A different story takes place in Trenton, New Jersey, where Debbie is married to a man known as "Crazy Jack" because of his mania for collecting. Their sizable house is stuffed with G.I. Joe figures and accessories, as well as tens of thousands of Hot Wheels. Debbie can't stand that the toys have overrun her house, and though Jack is initially ill at the thought of letting anything go, Elyse's expertise allows him to trust her with his items. She tells him that if, as he says, these collectibles are his retirement fund, they really should be handled better than to be stuffed in whichever cranny doesn't already hold something.

Elyse books the couple a booth at a local flea market where Debbie and Jack will have a friendly competition: whoever can sell more of the contemporary and select vintage items – the items that would depreciate rather than appreciate in value – gets to decide what to do with the rest of the collection. Before the competitive edge gets too sharp, Elyse steps in and declares Debbie the winner with 24 pieces sold to Jack's 18. The couple decide to curate and care for the collection even further, and their house goes from wearing a heavy coat of G.I. Joe memorabilia to being free and clear of impediments – the change is remarkable, and Debbie and Jack are both grateful to Elyse for her expertise and care.

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