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Yabba Dabba Don't!
Season 1 - Episode 106
Yabba Dabba Don't!
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Margo and Marlo have been married for years, and since Marlo's work as a comic book inker has slacked off, he's become more interested in a subculture called modelbashing, where fans and collectors hunt extensively for individual parts and clothing to create their ideal action figures – one-of-a-kind creations that no manufacturer makes. Marlo found 1/6 scale New Balance shoes for his Steve Jobs figure, among other treasures.

Margo is frustrated that Marlo isn't following his passion and finding other ways to be an artist, such as concept design for movies – a mostly CG field. When Elyse finds out that Marlo is hiding his extensive purchasing from his wife, she knows she needs to do something. She has a meeting between the partners, where they agree to go through the collection and see what can be sold.

It's a tough process for Marlo, especially when Elyse suggests he put his Popy Godzilla, an especially prized possession, on display in his sale booth. Elyse tells him it's only to draw buyers into the booth, but when a fan offers $1,000 for the figure, Elyse is as surprised as Marlo, who, though flabbergasted, accepts the offer. The booth earns almost $2,000.

Elyse is determined to give Marlo the tools he needs to move forward professionally. With Margo's help, she sets up a meeting with Marlo's former colleague, now a concept designer, who gives him some pointers on computer illustration. Later, Elyse arranges a meeting with two visual effects pioneers – Dennis Skotak and Pat McClung – who give Marlo guidance on entering their field. Finally, Elyse presents Marlo with the software that he needs to hone his digital design skills, so now there's nothing standing in his way.
On the other end of the collecting spectrum is Dave, whose friend Roy is afraid he's denying the loss of his mother by surrounding himself with Hanna-Barbera memorabilia. Dave's mother, who died many years ago, loved The Flintstones, and Dave keeps her collection with his growing one in his home, never to be touched or moved by anyone but him.

Given Dave's high anxiety surrounding his collection, Elyse can see selling is not an option. She suggests an exhibition, and to ensure Dave will actually pack pieces up and bring them in, she calls a therapist to swing by and help. Dave is adamant that he will be the only one to touch his collection and grows increasingly agitated under the therapist's gaze.

Nonetheless, Dave comes through on exhibition night, and even goes so far as to sell one of his pieces for the hefty sum of $400. After an appraiser's visit, he agrees to take better care of his pieces. It seems that Dave has a new perspective on his collection, thanks in part to the thrill of sharing his passion with others at the exhibition.

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