Con Man Episodes





Full Release; Found and Lost; Too Much Closure for Comfort

Spectrum's creator leaks the lost episode of the show and breaks the Internet. Bobbie, Wray and his 90 year old roommate and former stuntman for actresses, Dale, watch it together. Wray's late co-star Bruise Camp Bell gets a dedication.

And then, the cast of Spectrum (save for the late Bruise Camp Bell) has a reunion at Jack Moore's house, where they watch the lost episode and consider whether to do the Spectrum movie. Jack's pulled over by a cop, who's luckily a huge fan.

Finally, during the reunion, Wray has a one on one with each of his Spectrum co-stars and realizes how much doing the movie means to them. Also, his militant co-star Stutter, who still holds an old grudge against Wray, exacts his cheesy revenge.