Kiera Cameron

Kiera Cameron

Rachel Nichols

A tall, striking beauty, Kiera hails from 2077, where she is a police officer with the Vancouver City Protective Services (CPS). Kiera is a dedicated wife to husband Greg and mother to her seven-year-old son, Sam. When she is flung back in time to 2012, her separation from them causes her a great deal of pain and longing to get back to the future.

Realizing early on that her chances to return to 2077 are slim, Kiera knows she must do her best to preserve the future by stopping fellow time travelers, the terrorist group Liber8. Posing as a member of an elite government counter-terrorism group called Section 6, she aligns herself with the Vancouver Police Department. There she is assigned partner Carlos Fonnegra.

Through Carlos, Kiera finds herself opening to a life of freedoms she didn't know she'd lost growing up in a corporate society (in the future, big business, not government, rules everyone). Carlos innately understands Kiera's drive to get back to her family, even if he doesn't know that they are 65 years in the future.

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