Matthew Kellog

Matthew Kellog

Stephen Lobo

Charming, self-serving and vain, Kellog is a master manipulator and a narcissist. He can talk anyone into anything, all in service to himself. Kellog found his talent in charming and manipulating others at an early age. He trained as a psychologist and managed to slip through the cracks of the 2077 corporate structure to create a hedonistic paradise for many years until he was discovered and sent to prison.

Even in prison he was able to create a mini-paradise, managing to get dirt on the warden who secured his early release, but not before meeting with Edouard Kagame, a noted terrorist and leader of LIBER8. The two men had a mutual appreciation of their matching charismatic abilities. Kagame was able to present the revolution that LIBER8 sought as a means for Kellog to create a world that would serve his love for all things hedonistic. Kellog took the bait and became an important player in Kagame's plans.

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