Second Time

In 2077, at SADTECH headquarters, Kiera's husband Greg asks his boss that she is pulled from the Liber8 execution assignment the next day. The elderly Alec Sadler promises only "steps will be taken." Sadler then uploads a message into Kiera's CMR, as seen in the first episode of this season. The morning of the execution, Greg is dodgy at home with his wife.

Sadler meets with his team before the execution; the conversation alludes that Sadler is aware of Liber8's plans to disrupt the execution. Sadler also realizes the Freelancers are responsible for murdering his scientist. A younger Jason then approaches what appears to be his own elderly father, promising he won't let him down in pursuing the Freelancer threat.

In 2013, Alec storms into Escher's office, blaming him for Emily's death. At the precinct, Dillon orders Carlos to bring in Kiera while she still has friends in the department. When Kiera calls his cell, Dillon orders Betty to trace the call. As she does, she sends a text; Carlos quietly calls Internal Affairs on Betty.

At Liber8 headquarters, Betty has texted Sonya Kiera's location en route to PIRON. Travis is ready to murder Kellog once again as he bargains for his life, establishing Escher as the ultimate threat to all of their lives if he gets hold of the working time travel sphere. Back at PIRON, Escher reveals that he is actually Alec's father, not Jason. Kiera arrives shortly thereafter; Alec accuses her of being selfish by going after the device and not protecting Emily. Just then, Dillon and VPD storm the office, taking Kiera into custody. Kiera, crushed by Alec's accusations, sees him wink at her before she's escorted out.

At the precinct, Carlos blackmails Betty with his knowledge that she's the Liber8 mole. Dillon interrogates Kiera and she calls him out for his vendetta for absolute power in the department. Carlos interrupts to deliver her CPS service weapon from evidence. He knocks out Dillon and disables the camera, allowing Kiera the chance to escape. Leaving his badge and weapon on his desk, Carlos ends his police career. As he leaves, Betty begs him to reconsider; he instead asks her to join him. An enraged Dillon names Kiera public enemy number one, followed by Carlos as number two.

At Alec's lab, Kiera searches for the device, only to find that Kellog has found it first. She is ready to shoot Kellog for the sphere but he explains that she needs to save Alec since Escher is their greatest threat. He agrees to bring the device to Escher's lab if she saves Alec.

In 2077, Alec talks about his legacy with Jason and what must be done during the execution. Jason calls Alec "father" and agrees to send Liber8 back in time to right his father's wrongs.

At Escher's lab, he shows Alec the fruits of their work. Alec lets Kiera hear through her CMR that Escher plans to set a trap for her at the lab. Alec notices the Freelancer tattoo on Escher's hand; he admits that he was one once and that Alec's mother knew everything. He faked his death to protect his son, but Kiera's arrival changed everything.

Kiera and Travis arrive at PIRON and engage in a brutal, devastating fight that leaves many bodies in their wake. With two CPS suits matched against each other, their fight sprawls through the building and onto the top of an elevator. There, Kiera electrocutes him and Travis's body falls down the shaft. Sonya watches in horror from Alec's lab. When the gang leader goes to shoot Sonya, he is shot by Warren, the Freelancer.

At PIRON, Kellog meets Kiera and asks to come with her back to 2077, since all of his plans have crumbled in the present time. She meets with Alec and is desperate to get back home. He places the sphere in the antimatter power source and programs the device to send her back to 2077. Alec tells her there's a possibility there could be two versions of her in the future. Just then, Escher appears and she realizes that Alec has betrayed her. He informs her that Escher is his father.

In 2077, Jason sets up the execution to fail. Warren tries to stop him, explaining that the Freelancers swore an oath to prevent the perversion of time travel technology.

Before Escher can shoot Kiera, the Freelancers stop him. Kiera begs the Freelancers to let her travel back to her timeline so she can stop all of this from ever happening. While Warren agrees that the situation needs a solution, he indicates that Kiera would remain a "glitch" in the time continuum. He draws his gun on her as the time travel device fully powers up. Alec pushes Kiera out of the way and jumps into the device. As Kiera begs that it be she who travels in time, Alec says only, "I have to save her…" and jumps into the time stream to a destination unknown.

Carlos and Betty pull up to the Sadler family farm, where they seek refuge with Julian. Dillon examines a PIRON proposal to create a privatized police force: the City Protective Services (CPS).

Kiera is sedated and dragged away on a gurney; the sequence thought to be a dream/CMR malfunction from the first episode this season turns out to be reality. Kiera, Garza, Kellog, Sonya, Jason and even a comatose Travis are all held prisoner in glass cages. Warren, Miller and a somehow resurrected Chen discuss the damage done to the time continuum; they believe that Alec is no longer a threat "in this timeline." As they leave, the prisoners scream to be released.

The doors close behind them in this bleak facility, it's location – and more worrisome – it's location in time – unknown.