In 2035, at the fall of society, corporations have commissioned brutal work camps like New Pemberton for citizens to repay their debts, they must "all do their share." Those that can't repay are reduced to chip-implanted drones, producing more technology for the corporations.

Back in 2013, Dillon is reinstated as Chief Inspector for the Vancouver PD. He shares with the team that PIRON, the corporation headed by Mr. Escher, is now privately bankrolling their department. With new money comes new directions, including focusing on the newly-acquitted Julian Randall as a source of information on Liber8. Dillon promises that they can now go about their work with fewer limitations, and that the gloves are off.

Carlos and Kiera head to the prison where Julian is released. As he shies away from the throng of reporters, the father of one of his many victims tries to assassinate Julian. His mother pushes him out of the way, taking the bullet for her son. Before the shooter can get Julian, Carlos takes him down as Julian flees. Kiera follows him in hot pursuit but he escapes when a member of Theseus, Rebecca, picks him up in a getaway car.

She takes him to the headquarters of Theseus where he learns that he has an entire network of followers when his anti-corporation ideas were distributed underground. There, he sees that Travis has wedged himself into the movement. Travis offers Julian an army. Fearing for his own safety, Julian bails, warning Rebecca that Theseus should distance itself from Travis for their own safety.

Theseus, meanwhile, gets right to work producing anti-corporate propaganda and highlighting Julian as its poster boy. Kiera explains to Carlos how Theseus becomes the monster under every child's bed, in the future, and ultimately serves as the inspiration for Kagame and Liber8.

Julian turns to Sonya and Liber8, where she tries to convince him of his future greatness. He is wary of her fervor. Ingram seeks to undermine Sonya's leadership by telling Julian that Sonya merely "thinks" she's from the future and would kill him to quash his influence for her own gain, if given the chance. With nowhere else to turn, Julian calls his stepbrother, Alec.

Back at the precinct, Dillon calls out Kiera for attempting to hunt down Julian on her own. With the help of her CMR and some careful eavesdropping, she discovers Julian's whereabouts and surreptitiously heads out after him. As she tries to leave, she's intercepted by two other VPD detectives who've been commanded by Dillon to "do what needs to be done" to get intel on Liber8 from Julian. She brings them along.

Alec and Julian meet, laying on the table years of mistrust and resentment, coming to somewhat of a truce. They each struggle with the idea of changing their fate as they grapple with becoming their destined future selves. They head off to visit their mother in the hospital, recovering from being shot, where they reconcile as a family.

Just them, Kiera arrives at the hospital while the two VPD detectives taken Julian into custody. He's convinced that Alec betrayed him. They take Julian to an abandoned cabin in the woods.

Carlos wants to know what's going on. Dillon explains that Julian was to be captured, detained and questioned – by any means necessary - until he confessed to his crimes and revealed the location of Liber8.

At the cabin, the two detectives torture Julian for information. Alec is furious as he witnesses the brutality through Kiera's CMR. She refuses to budge that the future could change for Julian, just as they hope to change the future for Alec. She terminates her CMR connection with Alec.

To save the future, Kiera is ready to shoot and kill Julian. Before she can, one of the detectives stops her; Julian escapes. She chases after him into the woods. Carlos arrives, having been tipped off by Alec, and follows them. In a tense standoff at gunpoint, Kiera has been mistakenly convinced this whole time that Kagame told Julian of his future. Julian begs for his life, promising to change. On the precipice of changing the future and wiping Theseus from history, Carlos talks Kiera down. She lowers her gun, letting him live.

When Carlos drops off Julian, the boy claims to have changed. Carlos warns Julian that what happened that afternoon was his only pass from Kiera and that next time, he won't be so lucky. Julian returns to the Theseus headquarters. When he learns that Rebecca and Theseus ousted Travis on his orders as leader, he suddenly realizes the great power and influence he now holds, assuming his position of leadership.

Carlos assures Kiera she made the right decision, but she's devastated by the realization that she may have been the one to create the monster by pointing the gun at his head.

In the future at New Pemberton, as tens of thousands of innocent people are slaughtered at his command, we see the real motivation for Julian's crusade against the corporations: his perceived betrayal by his own brother Alec, and his massive corporation, SADTECH.