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Tina Roland

Creature Designer

Tina Roland
Age: 28
Hometown: Doylestown, PA
Residence: Hollywood, CA
Occupation: Freelance Effects Artist

"I've found a group of people here who understand my madness. We already feel like family, it's just a matter of who's mom's favorite."

Tina grew up outside Philadelphia with her "crazy inventor" father and theatrical mother. She started using power tools like band saws and disc sanders around the age of eight and never looked back. Tina is a fourth generation artist and has complete support from her family. Puppets are her true passion and she loves "creating her own friends." She's worked on everything from Jack in the Box commercials to high-end Cosplay commissions. One of the things she's most excited about is meeting other people who love making puppets and creatures as much as she does. She grew up on Jim Henson and even had a Henson book as a kid that told you how to make puppets out of objects around the house, which kept getting her in trouble for taking items out of the kitchen to make puppets. She's confident in her capabilities and looking forward to working in teams to collaborate creatively. Working for The Henson Company would be her ultimate dream job.  She feels like this is the most intense job interview ever, but she can't wait to jump in and tackle whatever challenges come her way. Besides puppetry, she also does cartooning and plays the ukulele.

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