Watch Highlights From the Dark Matter Comic-Con Panel

Friday, July 22, 2016 - 5:00pm

Some Raza crew members and executive producer Jay Firestone stopped by Comic-Con on Friday to discuss the past, present and future of Dark Matter. Watch the highlights below!

Remember when Six was revealed to be the mole at the end of Dark Matter Season 1? Alex Mallari Jr. was hoping the traitor was going to be his own character, Four.


Is there an overarching theme to Dark Matter Season 2? Melissa O'Neil (Two) talks about side missions as Anthony Lemke (Three) explores the idea of "nature vs. nurture."


Was One just too good-looking to live? Executive producer Jay Firestone talks about killing off the cute guy.


And, really, what's Comic-Con without the smell of farts? Melissa O'Neil (Two) shares a war story.


UPDATE: We now have the entire panel available for your viewing pleasure!