Dark Matter Episodes


The Raza crew try to prevent intergalactic war, but will one of their own betray them?

Four makes a move to reclaim the throne, but is he willing to sacrifice everything for it?

While Five is kidnapped and Three comes to her rescue, the rest of the Raza crew must face the Galactic Authority.

The Raza is plagued by dangerous and terrifying hallucinations … but is one of them to blame?

Two's nanites are failing, leading to a dangerous rescue mission that brings the Raza face to face with an old foe.

The Raza crew ends up in a parallel dimension, where they must face more sinister versions of themselves.

To steal a powerful transportation device, the Raza must break into one of the galaxy's most secure compounds.

It's the Raza versus a gang of homicidal psychics as some secrets of Nyx's past are revealed.

The Raza seeks revenge on an old enemy: Jace Corso, the man who shot One in cold blood.

While Three's past becomes present, The Android encounters a game-changing entity.