Dark Matter Episodes


Alliances shift, secrets are revealed and past becomes present in the quest to prevent intergalactic war.

Ryo seeks the help of his former crewmates, while Two gets news that you won't believe. Seriously.

A mysterious facility holds the answers to past mysteries and a preview into future conflicts.

The Android’s past is uncovered as the crew must seek out her creator. She isn’t what they expected.

The Raza crew faces their most dangerous situation yet: traveling back to 2017.

When the ship comes under attack from within, the teenaged Five is forced to fight alone.

A familiar face returns as one of the Raza crew learns a game changing bombshell about their past.

Raza vs Raza. When other dimensional alternates of the crew steal weapons, the real crew must get them back.

The crew must rescue kidnapped royalty to retrieve a file which could halt intergalactic war.