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The Axe Head
Season 1 - Episode 3
The Axe Head

When Steve finds a set of thumbscrews that could be from the 16th century in an old junk shop, he buys what could be a $5,000 piece for $25, and inspires Stef to do the same. While looking for the perfect gift for Steve for his birthday, she snaps up a shrunken head at an antiques shop, only to find it's a fake. But Steve is considering yet another intriguing piece: a stone tool that looks like a Mohican battleaxe head. Rob, who is of Native heritage, senses a strong vibe of courage, honor, and fear from the object, and is sure the dark stains on it are human blood.

Kevin Windsor, an expert on Native artifacts, suggests the tool was for cleaning hides, but the seller insists it was a weapon. Steve decides to take it to a forensic specialist, a woman named Jillian Vaughan, who confirms that the substance on it is not only blood, but human blood. So they know it's a weapon, but when Stef comes back with information that the piece probably came from a burial ground, both Steve and Rob are agitated and upset, feeling that this is not an ethical piece to own. Steve is going to have to meet with the previous owner and find out what's up.

In the meantime, he has more research to do regarding the thumbscrews and their origin. He takes them to a blacksmith who tells him that, judging by the fact that they're cast iron rather than forged, they were probably made in the Industrial Revolution. Moreover, the uniformity of the thread in the screws denotes the same time frame. But it's not a total loss – they're still probably worth about $100.

Stef set up a meeting with the seller of the Native piece, who confirms that they were from a Mohawk burial ground. He apologizes for leaving that information out, saying he badly needed the money. Steve and his team have only one course of action: they contact Chief Miracle of the Mohawk tribe, who is glad to arrange a burial ceremony for the artifact to return it to its rightful place.

It's been a long week, and as Steve returns home, he hears a loud, "Surprise!" Stef has arranged a huge party for him, and found the perfect gift: a custom-made, Victorian-style leather straight jacket. He tries it on, and it's a perfect fit. No doubt it'll make an appearance in one of his acts!

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