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Inquisitor's Cloak and Bamberg Shackles
Season 1 - Episode 5
Inquisitor's Cloak and Bamberg Shackles

Because Steve's tastes are so specific, he asks a handful of trusted friends and shopkeepers to keep an eye out for items he might like. One shopkeeper, David, has something very special (and very dark) for Steve - shackles that could be from a 17th Century witches' prison called Bamberg. David says the price is a firm $3000, and Steve doesn't haggle for a piece this rare. Steve takes them to a blacksmith who agrees that they're hundreds of years old, and says that, even if he were to make them today, they'd be worth around $12,000.

Stephanie, who took some old cloth to Diana Irwin, a costume designer who's making an executioner's outfit for Steve's upcoming medieval faire, tells Steve that Diana had a surprising hunch: what they thought was a replica of an inquisitor's cloak could be the real thing from 400 years ago. Steph and Steve take the cloak to costume and textile experts who agree, based on the uneven thread and constant re-stitching, that the piece is hundreds of years old. However, they don't think it was an inquisitor's cloak, but rather a shepherd's, making it even more rare since these laborers wore out their clothes more frequently. It is a one-of-a-kind, invaluable piece.

Steve is on a roll, and you know what that means: time to go shopping. In an antiques store, he finds an old assassin's dagger, a real tooth from a megalodon (the dino-shark that measured 50-60 feet), and a wakazashi, a style of Japanese short-sword for close-quarter fighting. Altogether, they're worth about $5,000, but because of Steve's keen bargaining skills and the shopkeeper's generosity, Steve walks with all three pieces for $2,700.

Because of the extremely dark history of the Bamberg shackles, Steve takes them to his friend, Tamarra James, a Wiccan high priestess. She uses her powers of psychometry to confirm the theory that the shackles house all the pain and fear of the women and children who were tortured and killed in them. She sets up a ritual to cleanse the dark emotions from the shackles. She uses her skill to transfer the torment into a rock, blazoned with the rune for death and rebirth, and instructs Steve to bury it in a place where the earth can absorb the trauma. He knows the perfect place, and thanks his friend for her work.

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