Deals From The DarksideTeam

Biker Rob

Spiritual Advisor, Hearse Driver

Robert Duguay, or "Biker Rob," as he is more commonly known, met Steve Santini when he was an apprentice welder. His employer was building an escape for Santini and Duguay was helping with the project. After speaking on numerous occasions, Duguay attended one of Santini's escapes and was hooked - the two have been working together ever since. 

Duguay has a deep fascination with the stories behind dark artifacts. He loves researching the history of wars, witch hunts, and torture mechanisms and finding items that were used to change history. 

A Metis - one of the Aboriginal peoples in Canada - by blood, Duguay is a deeply earthy and spiritual man who brings his knowledge of the spirit world to bear in the cleansing of any allegedly paranormal object Santini is thinking about adding to his collection. 

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