Deals From The DarksideTeam

Stef Proctor

Research Assistant

Stef Proctor has always had a great love for history and enjoys road trips to historic sites and graveyards across North America.  In addition to being Steve Santini's research assistant and protege, Proctor is involved in all sorts of other jobs and activities, including being a guide for the ghost tours of Niagara-on-the-Lake, running her own store, teaching workshops on haunted houses and theater acting.  

Known to her friends as "the person who can find anything online," Stef is a dream researcher: she enjoys going through archives and historic data and scouring the Internet to find that obscure piece of information that may have been forgotten. 

Proctor's interest in the paranormal started as a child, when she felt strange emotions and heightened senses - abilities which became stronger over the years. Now, a self-proclaimed Empath, she has traveled all over North America visiting places said to be haunted to test her feelings and learn more about the people, places and events of the past.

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