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Steve Santini

Historian, Escape Artist

Steve Santini is a master locksmith, with a lifelong interest in rare antique relics and the paranormal, not to mention "The World's Most Extreme Escape Artist" (according to Ripley's Believe it or Not!).

After a botched water escape in the late 1980s, Santini discovered that he was gifted with the ability to feel paranormal energy connected with people, objects and places. This realization led him on a worldwide quest to find and acquire rare historical relics connected to powerful psychic events. 

Over the years, Santini has assembled a very rare and unusual collection of relics connected to powerful historical events and the people who experienced them. His collection contains everything from medieval devices of restraint, torture and execution to actual props owned and operated by the legendary Harry Houdini himself. Over 60 objects from Santini's collection are on long-term loan to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, DC. 

When he's not on the road performing or seeking out new treasures to add to his collections, Santini consults with leading international auction houses and private collectors on the authenticity and attribution of rare historical relics. 

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