Deep South ParanormalHaunted Or Just Gothic?

Haunted Or Just Gothic?

Longleaf Sawmill

Location #1: Longleaf Sawmill, Longleaf, LA

Original Use: From 1900 – 1969 it was an active saw mill-manufacturing lumber that was used to build thousands of houses in Chicago, the Midwest, and on the east coast

Reports Indicating Hauntings:

  • The hard laboring men often died and lost limbs to the blade of the large saw.
  • According to a local historian a worker was killed when he was pushed into the wood chipper by an envious co-worker who wanted his job.
  • Witnesses claim they’ve heard the disembodied sounds of voices talking, people humming, and the ghostly sound of children laughing on the property.
  • In the machine shop a 202-cabbage head train collided with another train causing the steam valve to break.
  • Two men died in the accident and supposedly visitors to the property have seen the apparition of a man standing near the train
  • Apparitions, shadow figures, and screams have been heard coming from the building housing the saw, supposedly the most paranormally active building on the vast property

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