Deep South ParanormalHaunted Or Just Gothic?

Haunted Or Just Gothic?

Nitta Yuma & Mont Helena

Location #2: Nitta Yuma, Mississippi Delta

Original Use: A Southern plantation community

Reports Indicating Hauntings:

  • Henry Vick died tragically in a duel and his body was bought back up to Nitta Yuma by the creek/swamp that runs right through it. The Phelps family, descendants of the Vick family, now own and protect all the property in this small community. Strange activity has been reported there, leading some believe that the ghost of Henry Vick still roams there today.
  • The Phelps family (Henry and his sister Caroline) have both had numerous paranormal experiences on the property.
  • Caroline says that they get the most reports of paranormal activity from the carriage house, which is filled with dolls (visitors have supposedly left in a hurry after spending just a few minutes inside) and the dilapidated structure that was once her Aunt’s home.
  • They have had several accounts of other witnesses seeing a full-bodied apparition.

Location #3:  Mont Helena, Rolling Fork, MS 

Original Use: A Colonial revival style home built atop a ceremonial Indian hill in the Mississippi Delta 

Reports Indicating Hauntings:

  • The home burnt down to the ground. Some have suggested that this could have been a warning sign from the Indian spirits that might be present on the mound voicing their displeasure at the home being built on their sacred land.
  • On her death bed, the home's owner, Helen, allegedly whispered, "Henry… I see him.”, in regards to ther long lost love (who was Henry Vick of Nitta Yuma)
  • Many believe that it is Helen’s unrested spirit that still roams the halls and rooms of this ancient home in search of Henry Vick.


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