Deep South ParanormalHaunted Or Just Gothic?

Haunted Or Just Gothic?

Old Cahawba & St. James Hotel

Location #7: Old Cahawba, AL 

Original Use: The first permanent capital of Alabama from 1820-1826

Reports Indicating Hauntings:

  • By 1876 houses were dismantled and by 1989 the town was officially unincorporated. Cahawba now remains a ghost town
    maintained as a preserved archaeological site.
  • Site director Linda Derry, says she heard a voice that sounded like it said "Donkey." She related to the group that they have a maintenance supervisor on property named “DON” who often hears voices talking to him.
  • Linda lost her keys in the Bells' (a father-son duo shot in the back during a shoot out on the main street in town) cemetery and had no luck finding them ...but a few hours later a couple of horseback riders found the keys in the cemetery where the Bells' family slave, Pleas, was buried. Pleas was often ordered to steal keys by the Bell family.
  • Disembodied voices are very common at Cahawba. Visitors often report that they have heard the sound of children laughing and playing in the area of the cemeteries.

Location #8: St. James Hotel, Salem, AL

Original Use: Built in 1837, the St. James Hotel is one of the oldest antebellum hotels in the South that is supposedly linked to none other than Jessie James

Reports Indicating Hauntings:  

  • Visitors often report smelling the heavy scent of lavender at various areas throughout the hotel. A black haired apparition of a woman has also been seen staring at hotel guests.
  •  People think the gun slinging, beer swilling spirit of Jesse James also haunts the hotel, maybe in search of his mistress Lucinda.  A man dressed in 1800’s cowboy attire has been spotted in the hotel.
  • Employees are also scared to walk around the hotel at night and there are just floors they won’t go to.  They claim strange noises occur especially between 11 PM.  One of the night shift workers claimed he heard incessant knocking when he was working his shift at the front desk even though he was alone.
  • The sound of a dog running up and down the halls as well as barking in the courtyard has been heard.  She says that supposedly Jesse James brought his dog but that dogs are no longer allowed for overnight stays in the hotel.



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