Deep South ParanormalHaunted Or Just Gothic?

Haunted Or Just Gothic?

Laurel Valley Plantation Village & Devil's Swamp

Location #9:  Southdown Plantation Houma, LA

Original Use:  A former plantation, sugar mill, and sugar refinery built on land once owned by the Houma Native Americans, many of whom were displaced and killed. 

Reports Indicating Hauntings:

  • A full-bodied apparition of a little girl has been seen on the staircase and walking the halls of the house – whose whispered name, Katherine Minor, can be heard echoing the halls.
  • Eerie faces peering out of the mansion’s windows have been seen.
  • Caretakers reports of hearing a child playing in a closet.
  • Objects vanish only to be found later in another location.
  • The building’s alarm system goes off for no reason while the building is empty.
  • Visitors see headless images in the mansion’s many mirrors.


Location #10: Bayou Sale, Terrebonne Parish, LA

Original Use: Spookily spectacular cypress swamp southwest of Houma.

Reports Indicating Hauntings:

  • People report hearing disembodied voices.
  • Certain sections are “dead woods,” with no animal activity whatsoever, often believed to be a sign of a supernatural presence.
  •  There are legends of ancient treasures buried within the swamps and wetlands that many feel might be responsible for the activity reported along the waters.Fi-fo-let (floating light spirits that are supposedly drawn to buried treasure) are said to be commonly seen in this area.
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