Deep South ParanormalEpisodes

I Fear That Train A Comin'
Season 1 - Episode 1
I Fear That Train A Comin'

Welcome to the inaugural Deep South Paranormal investigation! Before we join the boys (and one girl) at a haunted sawmill in Long Leaf, Louisiana, let's meet the team: Jonathan; Benny, the practical joker; Hart and his long white beard; Randy, who lived through Hurricane Katrina and isn't scared of anything, and his sister Kali, ditto; Cabin, who's in charge of gadgets (and a small goatee); and our narrator, Keith, the other long-bearded ghost-hunter, who likes to communicate with the spirits using his guitar.

After a consultation over horseshoes, the team decides to take on a case in Long Leaf, Louisiana. The abandoned sawmill there is freaking out the locals with unexplained phenomena, and the fact that "the machines chewed up the men along with the lumber" makes it a perfect candidate for the DSP treatment.

The initial check of the property isn't super-promising. It's bigger than they thought, and Hart is getting what he calls "freeze-ons" -- he might mean "frissons," but he definitely means he's getting cold chills. Randy almost falls through rotting upper-story flooring, but still isn't impressed.

Time to head into town for a crawfish boil and intel-gathering from the locals, who tell the team about the locomotive in the barn that killed two men; six men killed on the skidder (a log-dragging device), and how the guy who ran the machine was called Dead Man Stokes; and rumors of a worker getting stuffed into a wood-chipper, "Fargo"-style, by a disgruntled colleague.

Encouraged by these stories, the team sets up at nightfall in the planer mill. Jon calls to the spirits, and Kevin spots "some kind of a light" coming from the abandoned railroad tracks. (It looked like a moth.) Randy's hearing movement, and Kali sees a shadow on the monitor…

…but nobody can get a read on it. Benny pranks the team at the machine shop by throwing a lever and turning on the equipment, then pretending it just came on by itself. It keeps them on their toes, he says.

Over at the train, the K2 doodad is picking up a lot of activity. Keith busts out his guitar and plays the spirits a little song, which they seem to enjoy -- or at least that's how Jonathan interprets feeling something "blow on [his] face." Randy and Hart "have a chat" with the ghost of the unlucky wood-chipper victim, who isn't happy they're down there, so they decide to withdraw and respect the ghost's wishes.

Things get creepier the next day when the team splits up. Half the DSP team takes a six-mile hike -- using a crappy map Hart drew, and then spilled soda on -- to the old train depot. The other half fits in some fishing at a nearby pond. Keith catches a tree branch.

When it gets dark, Randy taunts the "sissy" spirits who won't come out, and everyone gets a good scare from Hart's crazy-loud cell phone ringtone…but though the phantoms seem to respond to the sound of a train going by, once the train is gone, so are the ghosts, and even Hart's brass bells

Not at the furnace room, though, where Keith and Benny try to draw out a worker who got buried by sawdust. Keith invites the ghost to "punch [him] in the stomach" if it doesn't want their presence; no joy, although the K2 device is flipping out, and the ghost uses it to confirm that they're standing on the spot where it perished.

Jon's all alone on the skidder, telling the local haunts in a friendly way that they can draw on his energy if they'd like -- and if the heat-sensor cam is any indication, they would totally like. Trying not to wet himself, Jon gets on the radio: "I am not alone and I need you up here right now." Keith and Benny sprint over to see what looks like a head on the heat sensor, and Jon speaking to the ghost. He tells the others in a quavering voice, "It's freakin' right here on me, dude."

Everyone heads back to the campfire to debrief. Jon's "wore out" and "drained," but pleased to report that it's the closest he's come to the other side. Keith plays a tune while Benny confesses that he's the one behind the "ghostly" machinery -- and he's "dreading" the day the others get even.


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